Angela Hursh

2023 Library Journal Mover & Shaker, she is passionate about library marketing and has expertise in collection marketing, strategy, public relations, email, and social media. Angela Hursh is Manager of Library Engagement, Marketing, and Professional Development for NoveList, a company dedicated to helping libraries reach readers with the books they want and need. Her background includes more than six years as the Content Team Leader for the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County and more than 20 years as an Emmy-award-winning broadcast television news journalist. 

Angela's blog,, offers library marketing tips for libraries everywhere. She started the blog in 2015 to strengthen the library marketing industry through shared information. 

The Library Marketing Show is a 5-minute video posted every week on her YouTube channel. It features the latest news in libraries, marketing, and other relevant topics and recognizes the work of amazing libraries in a section called “Kudos”.  If you follow this blog, you’ll get an email when the video is posted. 

Angela is happiest in a room with library staff, discussing the struggles and triumphs of promoting libraries. She has engaged with audiences at conferences around the world for organizations including:

  • Library Marketing and Communications Conference
  • Content Marketing World
  • Association for Rural and Small Libraries
  • Association of Public Libraries of Quebec
  • Wisconsin Valley Library Service
  • West Georgia Regional Library Service
  • Michigan Library Association
  • American Library Association
  • Ohio Library Council
  • Indiana Federation of Libraries
  • Illinois Library Association
  • Edge Conference for the City of Edinburgh, Scotland Council
  • Mississippi Library Association
  • New England Library Association
  • Inland Northwest Council of Libraries
  • Ontario Library Association Super Conference
  • Wild Wisconsin Winter Web Conference
  • Bergen County Cooperative Library System
  • New South Wales, Australia Libraries
  • Northeast Florida Library Information Network
  • Marigold Library System
  • Northern Lights Library System
  • Atlantic Provinces Library Association
  • Southwest Ohio Libraries Consortium
  • Alberta Library Association